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The Courage Of Miss June

The idea of stripping in front of a crowd would be nerve-racking for anyone. But for Alexa [Hardy], who starred in the St Neots Players production last week, it took even more courage: for more than half her life, she has suffered from a rare and extremely painful skin disorder – which has left her scarred by a dozen operations.

Called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Alexa describes the condition as ‘like a very extreme form of acne’. It causes infected lumps, akin to abscesses, to develop on the body. Some are quite small and gradually shrink and fade away. Others grow uncontrollably – until surgical intervention is the only option.

“I had one 10 years ago that nearly killed me,” says Alexa. “It just kept getting bigger and deeper; in the end it was about 6cm in diameter. I had one lot of antibiotics, then another, and finally had to be rushed into hospital for an emergency operation: it was so infected, I was on the verge of septicaemia.

Check out the link for more about Ms Hardy, her career,and how she's treated her hidradenitis suppurativa. This is such a hidden disease, it's nice to see people speaking out about having it.